What is Sled Dogs?

Snowskates are exactly what they sound like, in a nutshell snowskates are: "SKATES that you can use on SNOW"! Plain and simple! Anyone who knows how to use ice skates or inline skates, knows how to use Sled Dogs snowskates.

How to?

Snowskates are easy and fast to learn, and extremely compact. All you need is a pair of snowskates, no skis or poles , just some snow. You can skate on pavements, in parking lots, streets, and even down stairs, in the garden, down hills, in the woods, and of course on the slopes.


You really only need the skates (and warm clothing) to have fun in the slopes. But serious skaters use helmets, protective gloves, and transport the precious skates in style and comfort in a Sled Dogs bag.
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